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Todd Henson and Tony Flammia RV Unplugged Creators_edited.jpg

How RV Unplugged Started

RV Unplugged originated from an innovative concept conceived by two long-time friends, Todd Henson and Tony Flammia, during the COVID lockdown. With successful ventures already under their belts, they envisioned creating a series that would highlight the unique RV community.


Their goal was to reveal the RV lifestyle's breadth, extending far beyond just camping and hiking. They aimed to showcase the multitude of extraordinary experiences available across the country, encouraging people to embrace adventures.


Todd and Tony collaborated with Phil and Stacy, renowned YouTubers from "Today is Someday," who played crucial roles in coaching the red and blue teams and managing casting. The first season, a pilot with a modest budget, was produced by a small team under tight constraints. Despite these challenges, the season was a success, providing valuable insights that were applied to enhance season two.


Season two has seen significant improvements, including the addition of Stephanie Henson in an administrative capacity and Rob Boyer overseeing strategic partnerships. Furthermore, "Focused TV," a four-time Emmy award-winning production company, was enlisted for filming and editing. The team is thrilled about the series' progress, eagerly anticipating the finale rally and the opportunity to connect with all the new friends made along the way.

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