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RV Unplugged Blue Team

RV Unplugged

Get ready for the ultimate RV adventure with RV Unplugged! Combining the thrill of off-grid camping and our primal instincts, this action-packed reality show will push each RVer to their limits, both mentally and physically. Join us as we bring together a diverse group of RV enthusiasts who will battle it out for the coveted title of Unplugged champion!


RV Unplugged stands out as the first game show that puts the spotlight on the RV lifestyle and the incredible people living it.

In this thrilling series, teams with a range of RV types, from trailers to Class A Diesel pushers, couples to solos, will be sent to locations with no resources. They will face grueling challenges to secure essential survival basics and the chance to stay in the game. Brace yourself for shocking twists, intense drama, and the ultimate test of RVing skills!

As the competition unfolds, viewers will rally behind their favorite competitors, whether based on RV style or cast member. Join the tribe and immerse yourself in the world of RV Unplugged, where RVers from all corners of the country can find relatable and exciting entertainment.

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