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RV Unplugged

RV Unplugged is a fresh take on a proven competitive show, RV Unplugged takes one of the fastest growing past times, Off Grid RV Camping, and our tribal nature and melds them together in one action packed series. This series will put each RVer to the test both mentally and physically. RV Unplugged invites all types of RVs and RVers and puts them against each other to see who will become the next Unplugged champion and walk away with $10,000!!!


The Recreational Vehicle industry has seen record sales and RV communities are reaching hundreds of thousands of members. Informational videos are everywhere you look but RV unplugged will be the first game show to spotlight the lifestyle and the people who are living it.


RV Unplugged takes 8 RVs (teams), ranging from trailers to Class A Diesel pushers, couples & solos, and moves them to a remote location with zero resources while running the contestants through rigorous trials to win survival basics and the chance to stay in the game. This action packed series will be full of shocking twists and drama. 


Viewers will tribe up to support their favorite competitors based on either RV style or cast member. RVers across the country are craving entertainment they can relate to.

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