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15 RVers Compete Against Each Other for $10,000 in Dramatic New Series 

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Athens, Texas (November 2022) - Get ready for an action-packed, drama-filled competition show pitting some of the industry’s favorite RVers against one another in an epic battle to take home $10,000. 


Unlike any other RV-related show, “RV Unplugged'' is a brand new competition series produced by the National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas.  Combining one of the fastest growing pastimes, off-grid camping, with extreme challenges and strategic game play, this new show appeals to a wide audience looking for a fresh take on entertaining reality programming. 


Each challenge the contestants are faced with features a unique twist and combines a variety of RV specific tasks or activities and experiences one could enjoy when traveling around North America. With coveted rewards, consequences and eliminations on the line, emotions will be at an all-time high.  Whether zip lining through the trees or tackling something every RVer must do when camping off-grid, this is a competition show where you should always expect the unexpected.


In Season One of RV Unplugged, 15 contestants will be divided into two teams where they will draw on their mental, physical and emotional strength in order to outwit and outperform their competition. Team Red (lead by captain Stacy Farley) and Team Blue (lead by captain Phil Farley), of Today is Someday (formerly You, Me, & the RV), will compete against one another in activities that will push each contestant outside of their comfort zones and force game-altering decisions. 


While the competition is all about ‘team play’ and community in the beginning, ultimately only one couple or RVer can take home the cash prize of $10,000. Who has what it takes to outlast their fellow competitors and become the first champion of RV Unplugged? 

Hosted by Todd Henson and produced by The National RV Training Academy, RV Unplugged will be released in March, 2023. Fans of the show are invited to join the contestants at an official RV Unplugged Rally & Finale Watch Party in Athens, Texas May 4 - May 8, 2023. Spaces will be limited and tickets will be released on


Season One Contestants

RV Blogger- Mike & Susan Scarpignato

Grateful Glamper - Charity & Ben DeVries

Newstate Nomads - Howard & Katelyn Newstate

Irene Iron Travels - Aaron & Chris Willers

Ventursome couple - Chris & Martha

Let’s Turn It Up World - Tanya & Dave V

Our Everyday Getaway - Chris & Katrina Bellofatto

Miller’s In Motion - Ryan Miller 


Learn more about all the RV Unplugged Contestants HERE. 

Photo & B-Roll Assets located HERE.


Stay up-to-date on the latest announcements, teaser videos and important dates on the RV Unplugged Website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.



The National RV Training Academy, LLC in Athens, Texas is known as a bold, ambitious leader in RV industry education and is ranked among the best, and biggest, RV industry training facilities in the country. The academy's commitment to providing quality education programs continues to earn accolades from graduates and industry leaders alike through its Educated RV Owner, RV Inspector, and RV Service Technician programs.


NRVTA training programs help students prepare for careers in fast-growing fields through an effective, interactive in-class or hybrid-online format.  We employ a market-driven curriculum to teach the most in-demand skills and offer a wide range of training programs to best enable your success in the program and beyond.

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