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RV Unplugged Season 2 Official Trailer

The wait is finally over! The official trailer for Season 2 of the riveting series, RV Unplugged, is set to premiere on March 6th at 7 PM Central. As we edge closer to the series premiere on May 29, 2024, excitement is building for what promises to be an unforgettable journey.

This season, the stakes are higher than ever before, with a jaw-dropping $25,000 grand prize courtesy of Camp Margaritaville Auburndale and the title of RV Unplugged Champion up for grabs. Our daring contestants will face an array of new challenges, twists, and turns designed to push their limits and ignite their spirit of adventure.

RV Unplugged sprang from the visionary minds of Todd Henson and Tony Flammia during the COVID lockdown. With a wealth of successful projects already to their names, they sought to create a series that would shine a spotlight on the vibrant RV community. Their mission was to explore the full spectrum of the RV lifestyle, showcasing the diverse and extraordinary experiences awaiting adventurers across the country.

In a significant enhancement from the first season, Todd and Tony have enlisted the expertise of Phil and Stacy, the dynamic duo behind the popular YouTube channel "Today is Someday." As coaches for the red and blue teams and overseers of casting, they bring invaluable insight and enthusiasm to the show. Season one, though a pilot with limited resources, was a resounding success, laying a solid foundation for the series' future.

For Season 2, the team has expanded to include Stephanie Henson in an administrative role and Rob Boyer to manage strategic partnerships. Additionally, the series has partnered with Focused TV, a four-time Emmy award-winning production company, for top-notch filming and editing.

The journey to Season 2 has been filled with hard work, innovation, and a shared passion for the RV lifestyle. As the series gears up for the finale rally, the excitement among the crew and contestants is palpable. With new friends made and unforgettable experiences shared, RV Unplugged Season 2 is set to be a thrilling testament to the spirit of adventure and the unique bonds formed on the road.

Don't miss the official trailer release and mark your calendars for the series premiere. Join us in witnessing the determination, skill, and adventure that define RV Unplugged. The road ahead promises to be an exhilarating ride!


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